Foghead’s player profile for hardcore factions!

September 25, 2012

Hello, I’m Justin or known online as Fogest or in game as foghead. I’ve been playing Minecraft since all the way back in the first versions of alpha (when I purchased), I have also played the game before this for a few weeks in the Indev. Due to my length of time I’ve been playing Minecraft, I’ve gained quite a bit of experience.

Over my time of playing Minecraft, I’ve mostly played on PvP servers, as that is what I enjoy, and I’m good at. Though I have only started playing at the beginning of Map 6, I feel like I’m a very experienced player on this server. I understand how to be safe, and not have stupid deaths. I know the Do’s and Don’ts, you could say. Admittedly I’ve made a few mistakes here and there, but I have recovered from these mistakes and have learnt valuable lessons.

I’m currently 16, and as you may be able to tell from this post, I’m quite mature (in my opinion), and I’m also a pretty serious type, with little humour (I don’t mind a good laugh though).

I’m currently in the draft, because I would like to get into an active faction that has some decent members. I tried being in my own faction with my brother, but it gets boring after a little, especially since my brother does not play on the server much.

I have a lot that I can bring to a faction. I know a decent amount about redstone, know how to make any potion without the use of any kind of potion chart, creating useful creations (farming machines), and I’m pretty good at PvP. After the 1.4 update my PvP should improve quite a bit more, because from my testing of the snapshot it appears Mojang has improved the lighting system and thus improved the FPS of the game quite a bit, and that is without the testing using Optifine. Hopefully with my Pvp skills and better FPS I will be a top of the line PvP’er.

Of course I no ones perfect, I am pretty crappy at designing bases. I made an attempt this map, but all the other bases I have seem look a LOT better.

I hope you are interested!

MCTrade – Logging in a Registration Now Working!

July 28, 2012

After a day of work I have finally gotten logging in and registration to work on the MCTrade website. The registration process will use email confirmation. The passwords are encrypted with md5. There is security in place to make sure no user can have the same username or steal another users minecraft account name or email.

If there are any issues you notice just use the contact page!

Protected: Admin

July 27, 2012

This post is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

FogHelper – Template

July 25, 2012

Just a little example/template for row one of the commands part of the config!

#Row 1 #
#---Button 1---#
Command_01=/enchant {var1} {var2}
#---Button 2---#
Command_02=/feed {box1}
#---Button 3---#
Command_03=/fly {box1} {box2}
#---Button 4---#
Command_04=/gm {box1} {box2}

New Site is Up

July 24, 2012

The new site is just being rolled out now that will be used for MCTrader, a Minecraft server website. As of now the site functions but does not do any of the features that it will be doing shortly. As of now it’s simply cosmetic right now.


Hopefully you like the design of the website!


Check it out here: MCTrader

Flash: Pong (Game), Supporting 1 Player and 2 Player!

July 16, 2012

Ah Flash or shall we say Actionscript 3. I’ve ventured into another language. I normally do not prefer scripting languages but considering that I want to learn Javascript down the road, I hope that by learning Actionscript, I will have an easier time learning Javascript.

Enough jibber jabber here is the game below (of course flash is needed):


How to use the trading plugin in Minecraft

July 4, 2012

This tutorial will teach you how to use the trading plugin on

I often hear of users being scammed by other users and are very mad. They ask me to ban them but it’s not against the rules to scam. There is a trading system for a reason so there is no reason you should be scammed.

SafeHaven uses Piston Extension as the form of currency when using this trading plugin since it requires you to put physical items into the trade. The piston extensions can be bought AND sold at the spawn (/hub or /spawn) for $100 (in game currency) therefore allowing you to use that as the currency in the trade.

Here is what the piston extension look like and where they can be found:

Piston Extension Image

This is what the piston extension looks like.

These can be found to the south-east direction of the /spawn or /hub point (see image below)

Direction Picture

Direction Indicated with Arrow

Of course there is no point to this form of currency unless you have someone to trade with. As an example I am trading with the user pop10.

Step 1: Find someone the trade with

Finding a Trader Image

The Green Circle is the person I’m trading with. You can see in the chat I asked to trade with them and we agreed on what to trade.

Step 2: Get the item you are trading ready and buy any piston extensions you will need for your currency.

Getting your Items Ready Image

I already have the item I’m trading (instant health potion) and as you see pop10 has purchased 1 piston extension which equals $100 of in game currency.

Step 3: Initiate the trade by doing /trade <playername> or if they requested the trade do /trade accept <playername>

Starting the Trade up Image

In this case I start the trade by doing /trade pop10 and he then does /trade accept foghead

Step 4: When you or the other player accept the trade put your items into the menu that pops up

Trade Menu Image

I insert the item I’m trading on my side (instant health) and he inserts the $100 I asked for it in the form of 1 piston extension which equals $100

Step 5: Both Players Should click the green wool when they are happy with the trade

Trade Accepted Image

Both pop10 and myself have hit the green wool therefore the trade is completed. I have received the piston extension which I can now sell for $100 and he now has the instant health!

Image of the received item:

received Item Image

I have received the item that was on on his side and lost the item I had put it on my side!

To Deny a Trade Simply hit the red wool

Deny it Image

Hit the red wool to deny the trade

If you used currency in the trade and were receiving it you can now sell it back to the shop for the same price it was bought for by simply left clicking the piston extension sign

Sell Back Image

Left click sign to sell the item back!

Known Bugs:

  • Items may sometimes appear to disappear and be gone. The item can be restored by clicking a few times in the spot the item was before the trade or by logging in and out.
  • If you are performing a trade make sure to have some extra room in your inventory, because if your inventory is filled up by picking up dropped blocks while in the trading menu, you will lose the items that you were trading


  • You must be in the same world as the person you are trading with
  • Do not trade while near others as they may try to fill up your inventory so you lose your trade items

Is Anti Virus Software Really Worth it?

April 15, 2012

A lot of people think it’s essential to have an anti virus essential. Whenever I tell people I do not use a anti virus software they are very surprised and tell me I should have one. I probably download more then them as well.

There are 3 different people I would say:

  1. People who don’t get anti virus software because of money issues or they just don’t think they will get infected.
  2. People who use anti virus software thinking they need it to stay clean and totally rely on the software. They will install anything as long as their anti virus software doesn’t tell them it’s infected.
  3. People who don’t use anti virus software because they know how to stay safe from virus’s and don’t want their systems clogged up with annoying anti virus software.


The people in the second group are much like a Mac user who thinks they are immune to virus’s because they have a anti virus. They think it will warn them of every threat and find every virus when they run a scan. This is not at all true. It’s not at all possible for a virus software to find it all. A lot of threats have not been discovered. There are many undetected virus’s out there which people will simply install because they were not warned it was unsafe.

Now the people in group 3 of course, I would call the smarter ones. They understand more about virus’s and how they work. Many virus’s come from pirated software. Either some keygen or just the software itself is binded to a virus. There are so many things the group 3 people are usually aware of and can take measures to make sure it’s safe. Often times a torrent, or thread posting for some kind of pirated software will have many views and replies, normally meaning it’s clean. Also there are many users who are trusted uploaders as they have many posts and release lots.

Of course just because it looks safe doesn’t always mean it is. Some good steps when going to install something that may be fishy would be to disable your internet or monitor outgoing or incoming connections to make sure it’s not starting a connection to some site, to for example download a virus.

Group 3 people may also have multiple virus scanners that do very thorough scans to make sure there are no virus’s. Of course as stated before virus’s can get past scans sometimes but, take note these are good scanners that most virus creators won’t know about, and it’s not just one scan from one scanning software. It’s  one from multiple scanning software. If a virus manages to get past all these steps you can perform then you may have to manually remove the virus.

I make it a habit to always every so often check my processes list to make sure nothing suspicious is running. If I see something odd I will research it and see if the process is normally a good process or if it may be a malicious virus.

Of course the goal here is not to tell you how to prevent getting infected without virus software but to more inform you that anti virus software is not as good as it sounds. I will be making a post later on how to prevent yourself from being infected, while not using a anti virus. Of course it’s not fool proof. You just have to have a good eye most of the time.

So stay tuned for that. Feel free to leave your opinion on the matter and I will surely reply.




March 25, 2012

For a school project I made a Pacman Game! I have put it on Github if you want to take a look at the code: Pacman. The problem is that I made this game when I was first learning Java therefore there is only one class and lots of the code is inefficiency. Now I’m not efficacy expert but I know that there are some things that I can improve on.

On the issues page on my that github you can see the things I plan to fix, or add. Making multiple classes is one of the biggest. I made this open source, because I am excepting help! I’ve made this game in Java and hope to also make it an applet so it’s playable online!

FogHelper – A Mod to Make Minecraft Easier! (1.2.5)

March 23, 2012

Hello! Most likely you have found this page because of this mod. Hopefully you at least know what the functions of this mod are but if not you will find the description below this:

 FogHelper is a Minecraft mod designed to make a users life a lot easier in the game. Specifically it helps staff the most. It’s designed to make it easy to perform commands that may normally be long commands. You can also use the Canned Replies features which allows you to send a message to chat in multiplayer. This feature is NOT designed to be used to spam servers and therefore the menu is autoclosed to prevent people from spamming the button. They still have the possiblilty to spam with it of course but they would be better off using some kind of spam hack rather then this anyway.  I have made sure that the config file is as user friendly as possible and allows you to easily edit what each button does and even what the label for each button is!

Download Links:


(Mirror Download)

(Source Code)







How to use the FogHelper Mod.

  Setting up and Configuring is acutally quite easy!

  1. Unzip the mod to a location of your choosing( should be the name)
  2. Open Minecraft.jar. To get there easily just in run (Windowns key + R) type “%appdata%\.minecraft\bin” without the quatition marks. You can open minecraft.jar with any favourite application such as WinRar or WinZip.
  3. Make sure the META-INF folder is deleted or you WILL get a black screen.
  4. Drag the files you extracted in step 1 which are contained in the src folder into minecraft.jar which should be open already
  5. ModLoader should have already been installed. If it wasn’t the mod should still work fine without it. You even can probably install it after this if you like. Though my mod doesn’t actually use anything in ModLoader there is a class that uses it but does nothing with it so all should be fine without it.
  6. If your .minecraft folder already contains a folder called config then skip step 7!
  7. Created a folder called config in your .minecraft folder.
  8. Drag the file named “FogHelperConfig.cfg” which should be one of the extracted files, into the “config” folder in the .minecraft folder.
  9. Now feel free to edit that config file and make all the buttons named what you want and do what you want.
  10. Once done that run Minecraft and all should be well!


Planned Features

  • Bind Keys to certain commands or replies (high)
  • Ability to set commands in the config that can be typed into the chat with a dot in front of the message which would be converted into a longer message. Essentially what the buttons do but in command form. (low)
  • Auto Update Checker. (medium)
  • Some way maybe built into the GUI to edit your commands or canned replies. Possible solution is you can hit and edit button and buttons will switch to input boxes. Would be a tedious process but well worth it. (VERYhigh)
  • Add a {player} variable to allow you to use a box and it will be able to partial match the username. So if a user is named bob1423 you could just type bob and it would automatically fill it to that username. (low)


I’m getting a black screen when I try to run the game.

How do I use the variables in the config file?

How do I request a feature?

Will you update this mod when new versions of Minecraft come out? How fast?

Is there an example config?

I’m getting a black screen when I try to run the game.

Make sure that META-INF is deleted from minecraft.jar or it WILL always give you a black screen. This folder is not needed to run the game so don’t worry!


How do I use the variables in the config file?

There are various different variabes you can use to grab info from the two boxes. The table below explains all the different strings you can use which will take from a box.

Box 1 Box 2
{var1} {user}
{box1} {box2}

Look at the example below:

I am trying to ban someone so here is what I would do for the command:

/ban {user} {var1}

This would take the information from the 2nd box for the first vairable and then take the info from the second box. Here is what I would maybe enter into those boxes:

Box1 Box2
Griefing bob1223

This would turn that orginal command I put into the config into the following when clicked:

/ban bob1223 Griefing


How do I request a feature?

You can use the “Contact” button on the top or just click HERE.
If you would prefer a different method you could also just make a post on the Minecraft Forums thread (link)


Will you update this mod when new versions of Minecraft come out? How fast?

Of course. This mod will be updated very fast at least as fast as modloader and mcp coders pack get updated.

Is there an example config file?

Yes you can find it by following this link:


Minecraft Tutorials to Come!

March 22, 2012

I have an interest in Minecraft and I will be adding a nice section dedicated to Minecraft Tutorials. They could range from coding to in game mechanics, and these tutorials will be in either video form or detailed picture form depending on the tutorial!

Minecraft if an interesting game and has l0ts of hidden quirks, that you may never have known about. Hopefully from making these tutorials I can in turn help many people!